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Philly Fuzz - EUROPE 2017 - GREEN HAZE

$200.00 / Sold Out

Each feature of the Heretic has been designed and handmade by Philly Fuzz, using hand designed, cast, and forged parts and the highest quality modern and vintage components available, right down to each pedal’s own unique finish. Each pedal features three matched NOS Germanium Transistors from the 1970s for ideal effect controlled by three knobs:

Attack: Controls the aggressiveness of the fuzz wave. Similar to sustain/gain control.

Bias: Enables player to dial in the versatile resistance to their specific needs, from tight attack to very transparent open low-end.

Volume: Regulates the level of output that the power stages push through the circuit.
The flexibility of the pedal does not overcomplicate things, we’ve worked hard to ensure that any and all settings are useable.